About us

A comprehensive e-commerce platform for the Filipino market is an opportunity that caught my attention when I founded Amazing Pili. I formed the company through personal connections with people who would be handling the different departments needed for the development of the website. I also reached out to family and friends to help me launch this project. A team of Filipino individuals is driving this company from the funding stage to nitty-gritty details. Our dream was made possible by a group of people working together overseas and locally with a common objective. Providing that we are all on the same page about what we want, it would be reasonable to operate the structure from outside the Philippines. Amazing Pili was established as a startup company with ample savings.

This pandemic has affected many people I know who have small businesses and even day-to-day jobs, which drove me to create this venture. Investing in the right resources and allocating them to the right avenue will increase our growth exponentially. This platform will enable us to contribute to re-constructing the damages and losses caused by the pandemic. In addition, our goals will be aligned with various political, economic, and environmental factors. Our effort is not only highlighted by the platform, but also by the merchants behind our initiative. This community is vital to the realization of our vision. As we grow the micro-economy, our mission is to facilitate the connecting of the small-to-medium businesses so people will have access to Filipino products. As local markets stabilize, we will also have the opportunity to tap the global economy through exports. A key goal of our organization is to showcase Filipino artisan/makers locally, regionally, and nationally. We aim to allow Filipino workers to access the free market through agriculture, forestry, fishing, and assembly line manufacturing. It may seem far-fetched to return to our roots, but it's not impossible.

Despite global competition, our strong point is incorporating our culture into an online community. Capitalism is based on consumer choice. Increasing consumer awareness is an opportunity for us to show our consumers that we also have the capacity and responsibility to do something in our own little way to help and make a difference. This is not a one-step process. As Filipinos, we gain strength from each other's efforts to rise above any difficulties life presents. We know from the success stories of our merchants that Filipinos are world-class artisans capable of competing internationally if they are given the chance. Putting aside limitations and thinking outside of the box can make us successful. With Filipino workers' blood, tears, and sweat, we take pride in believing that our products are worth paying for.

Pilì is an e-commerce platform based in the New York promoting local and custom-made products nationwide. Our expertise lies in helping local businesses launch their handcrafted goods in our marketplace. Our company is a hub of creative thinkers that can help your brand/company to implement ideas by helping you enhance your marketing strategies and operational efficiency. Our mission is to lead the growth of the local economy and attain or supersede its sustainability not only limited to our own.

Amazing Pili hopes to be a platform for expansion for aspiring and striving local entrepreneurs. One way to do that is through exporting. To the majority, this is something that only big companies do, but that’s not the case anymore. The Philippines export majority of the world’s demand for food products, but through e-commerce sites like us this is widened. There is more to what we can do as valuable producers in the international scene, we are also known to manufacture quality home decors, furniture, accessories, clothes and organic byproducts. One of these is our abundant natural source of coconut and cacao. 

Our intention to place our local products on the map is something reachable due to the Filipino community spread all over the world, nostalgia for homegrown products is a huge contributor to the demand for Philippine goods abroad. We believe that aside from growing businesses, exporting can mitigate slowdowns, can raise credibility and most importantly, help the Philippine’s economy bounce back faster right after the pandemic.